First be Best, Then be First

Designer Tiles


The Boho Collection encapsulates lightness, authenticity, and freedom of creativity.

Opt for artistic diversity, where ethnic inspiration and soothing earthy tones allow you to re-experience closeness to nature


The Funky Collection attracts with its interesting form and playful colours, bringing an element of freshness and surprise to the interior.

Experience a new image of 80’s design and be inspired by the colourful interpretation of the famous terrazzo.


The Timeless Collection stands for timeless British design which encompasses superb style, high-quality fabrics, and perfect glamour.

Feel the comfort of a harmonious interior and choose classic elegance combined with a contemporary form


The Sophisticated Collection takes you to a world of Parisian nonchalance, refined style, and stunning architecture.

Discover the refinement of marble and jewellery, exquisitely ornamented accessories that sparkle beautifully with gold