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Oak Exclusive

Product Description

Wood characteristics:

  • similar colours, any jar
  • acceptable minimum whiteness, healthy small knots
  • acceptable minimum gloss
  • suitable for underfloor heating

Details of the floor

Painted version:

  • 7 layers of varnish – hardened with UV rays
  • varnish permanently bonded to the wood, does not crack or peel off
  • high abrasion resistance

Oil-waxed version:

  • 3 layers of Osmo oil-wax – hardened with UV rays,
  • deep wood impregnation through oil penetration,
  • high abrasion resistance.

Finish Board

  • XXL is a two-layer floor, ready after gluing, it does not require sanding or varnishing.
  • The top layer, usable approx. 3.5 mm, consists entirely of a solid element – natural wood. The bottom layer is birch plywood..
  • This structure enables the multiple process of sanding (renewing) the floor, thanks to which it serves and delights for years and generations.
  • The most modern tongue-and-groove connection system allows for simple and efficient installation of the floor. At the same time, it allows the floor to be laid in various patterns and combinations thanks to the production of elements with the right and left tongue variant. The technological structure of each element as well as the method of connecting and installing completely eliminate the resonance effect.
  • XXL is also an ideal solution for underfloor heating. The perfect design and the best quality raw material used in the production process make the floor perfectly compatible with this type of heating, and the thermal transmittance coefficient guarantees reduction of energy losses to a minimum.

Additional Information

DimensionsThickness 15 mm
Width 160-180 mm or 200-240 mm
Length 1400-2200 mm
Wear layer thickness3.5 mm
Bottom layerHardwoods
Method of hardening the oil-waxUV radiation
Possibility of sandingRepeatedly
Indoor useAll residential except bathrooms