First be Best, Then be First


Natural stone has many faces. But it is rare for one species to combine such a wealth of shades and possibilities

The multitude of varieties of natural stones proves that nature can surprise

Alexandrite is a stone on which various shades of green mix with each other – emerald, sea, bottle, which sometimes turns into gold or even the color of mature wine. The subdued whole forms a unique composition which, when illuminated, gains intensity and completely changes its character. 

Depending on the effect – what we want to achieve – it can be left in a natural color or highlighted, emphasizing the game and the variability of shades. 

Alexandrite will fit in with classic interiors, and in modern and monochromatic ones it will be an interesting and expressive color accent


ApplicationFireplaces, walls, floors, window sills
Country of originBrazil
HardnessHard (5-6 on the Mohs scale)
Size/ThicknessLarge Slabs / 20 mm