First be Best, Then be First


Referred to as the treasure of Brazil, each one is different and fabulously abstract. It is distinguished by the wealth of unique patterns and colors that come out with the intensity of light reflections.

Patagonia is a rare, exotic variety of quartzite with numerous clearances and a break of shades. The delicate cream-beige base combines here with silver and black minerals, creating unique, one-of-a-kind vein patterns. 

The darkest of them are Tourmalines used in jewelery art, also known as the stone of powerful power, because, as it was previously believed – they cleanse the body and mind and protect against negative emotions. The whole, enriched with large fragments of rock crystal, forms a unique composition, which, when illuminated, takes on an effective, exclusive character.


ColourCreamy Beige
ApplicationKitchen/bathroom countertops, fireplaces, window sills, floors, stairs, walls
Country of originBrazil
HardnessVery Hard (7-9 on the Mohs scale)
Size/ThicknessLarge Slabs / 20 and 30 mm