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Crystal is available in shades of white, yellow, brown, green and even black. 

Due to its fine-grained, coherent structure, it can be polished to a mirror shine. Noteworthy is its light transmittance, which when used decoratively, perfectly affects the aesthetics of the interior. Partitions, wall coverings, furniture, decorative elements, fireplace housings, bathroom countertops and washbasins are most often made of it. 

It is an expensive stone, classified as a luxurious finishing material, which perfectly emphasizes the prestige of the project. It is not recommended to use onyx on floors and kitchen worktops


ApplicationKitchen/bathroom countertops, fireplaces, window sills, floors, stairs, walls
Country of originBrazil
HardnessVery hard (7-9 on the Mohs scale)
Size/ThicknessLarge Slabs / 20 mm