First be Best, Then be First

Monika Jasinska

Monika Jasinska

Architect, interior designer. I create complete projects. I see buildings and their interiors as integrated; I don’t separate the outer from the inner layer

I trust that the most important task of an architect is to provide the inhabitant with a coherent and understandable space.

Studies at the Poznań University of Technology, the University of Stuttgart, and the experience gained in architectural studios in Poland, Germany and Ireland enable me to implement a wide range of solutions and a thorough understanding of my client’s needs.

Each of us is different, each of us feels comfortable in different interiors, but there is one common need – the desire for comfort and harmony in the space surrounding us.

I create interiors where timeless aesthetics, ergonomics and functionality go hand in hand with respect for materials and attention to detail.

Arrangements that respond to individual needs, personalized spaces are what I strive for in every project. I believe that interiors influence our everyday life and can enormously increase the quality of it.